We have created a fusion AI-powered trading card game where you can talk into a microphone, and it will transcribe what you say. Let’s discuss the features of this game. When you look at the camera, you will see stacks of uniquely generated cards. Each card is created by an AI based on a short prompt. We have various themes for these cards, and each theme has a corresponding image and a Chat GPT Element name.

For example, we have the techno symbiosis theme. Its action is to add one resource to your research resource pool. We have many other themes, but let’s not delve into those details right now. The difficulty lies in the accuracy of the transcription. Currently, I am using Back Whisper, which yields better results. However, I had to remove it because it is not cross-platform compatible. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to support it at the moment.

In summary, our card game utilizes fusion AI technology to generate unique cards based on prompts. Each card has an associated theme, image, and action. Although the transcription may not be perfect, we are working on improving it.