I don’t like how long it takes for me to figure out ideas. Too much code is written before I figure out what I wanted is not what I made. There is a bookstore near me that I frequent and on the shelf was the book Drawing Ideas. Through this book, I have come to appreciate the importance of sketching in unlocking creativity and exploring new avenues of value. Through observation and simplification, sketching allows us to see our ideas projected onto a medium, much like using our voice to sketch out thoughts verbally. However, finding people with enough social energy to engage in lengthy conversations can be challenging.

In sketching, the medium becomes the paper, freeing us from limitations like language or the energy of others. It’s just us and a blank canvas, where we can let go of expectations and allow our drawings to exist as they are. Some sketches feel more “right” than others, prompting us to spend more time on them to see if they align with our original vision.

My high school art class, which I now appreciate even more, taught me valuable skills that extend beyond the classroom. Learning to draw accurately and simplify forms translates to lifelong skills in observing and understanding the world around us. It becomes evident that sketching is not simply about creating aesthetically pleasing art but also about honing our ability to perceive and interpret reality.

Living the life of an artist involves continuously seeking new ways to create value. It challenges us to redefine what “value” means and what is considered valuable. Artistic expression is, in a way, a quest to reframe societal perceptions of value. As artists, we strive to contribute to the collective consciousness by offering fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas.

Value is closely intertwined with trends and what is considered fashionable or popular at any given time. Generating value allows us to ride the wave of humanity’s collective consciousness. We must accrue enough value for ourselves to reframe what people perceive as valuable. How you disperse this value into the world influences and shapes how others think and perceive the world.

In this pursuit of value creation, collaboration becomes vital. Coexisting with like-minded individuals who can contribute their unique perspectives is essential. A co-founder, for example, can provide different strengths and skills, allowing for a more robust and impactful collaboration. The two perspectives balance each other to generate immediate value while exploring intrinsic forms of value that may have been overlooked.

As I continue to explore artistic expression and the concept of value, I realize that communicating effectively is crucial. We either captivate or lose someone’s full attention within a few seconds. Building reputation and trust allows us to expand that window of attention. However, it is essential to deliver high-signal content to maintain engagement consistently.

In conclusion, sketching offers a powerful way to explore ideas, unleash creativity, and find new forms of value. Whether through verbal sketches or drawings on paper, this process allows us to communicate and project our thoughts onto a medium. By embracing the act of sketching, we can let go of expectations and discover hidden depths of creativity. Through this exploration, we not only redefine value but also contribute to the collective consciousness, shaping how others perceive the world around them.