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Maybe it is the poor Internet connection in Ireland, but I feel disconnected. Watching a site load brings me back to when you had to find offline tasks while waiting. Breaking up a hyperconnected workflow has helped immensely with building focus.

I am finishing up an annual cyber security competition I will run in Maryland soon. I’ll share when I am done; it is enjoyable to play 😊 After I clear that off my plate, my focus will fall on building a course on service design patterns. I want to develop a tangible guide to the 12 Factor App, a set of ideas that have influenced how I write code. Examples will be in Go, a C family language that is easy to understand, but concepts will be transferable to other languages.

PS: If you want to build a healthy habit with your work, I can’t recommend the Pomodoro technique enough. I started doing this again with yoga breaks, and it feels incredible.


  • sensible web stack decisions - A post I wrote about tech I use when building web apps.

  • SQLite Internals: Pages & B-trees - SQLite is so simple to learn, and this blog series is a great primer. Understanding databases is essential knowledge for every type of dev.

  • you should write blogs - An argument for why you should start writing a blog. There is some confidence that you need to get started, but once you get going, it becomes easier. The most significant value that blogging has given me is linking people to long-form ideas I have been thinking about without needing to dump info on them amidst a conversation.

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