A button is a deceptively hard web component to get right. A good button makes a lot of things simple to do. You only need to press one thing, and a lot of things happen.

> “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” ~ Steve Jobs

Beyond what the button does, it also captures intent. The user desires to interact with this button because they want what it offers. If clicking this button results in the desired outcome, it is a good button. Of all the buttons on the Internet, there is one that I consistently think about:

From the front page of cloudflare.com

Cloudflare built its brand by offering a reliable service for defending against DDOS attacks. The poor soul who is in charge of responding to an incident will look for a solution. Maybe they search for “ddos service.”

good SEO

After finding Cloudflare, they can immediately see a button that solves their problem. Clicking on it will immediately guide them through onboarding, and once their issue is resolved, Cloudflare will have yet another customer.

Figuring out how to build good buttons is a skill that may seem trivial, but the best buttons take an incredible amount of thought and effort.