I am a security engineer with a passion for building tools that make security easier for developers. My passion is making concepts accessible for everyone.

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LunaSec: (YC S19) CTO 2020 - Current

Uber: Security Engineer 2016 - 2020

  • Mitigated significant revenue loss with native Android and iOS framework for fraud signaling

  • Automated event dispatching from Application Security scanning of discovered assets

  • Triaging and remediation of detected vulnerabilities (Bug Bounty, scanning, auditing)

  • Security education curriculum for developers to proactively identify and remediate commonly seen vulnerabilities specific to Uber’s infrastructure

New York University: OSIRIS Cyber Security Lab 2014 - 2017

  • CSAW CTF Lead - International CTF cyber security competition

  • Hack Night Lead - Introduce attendees to offensive security topics by engaging them in a hands-on curriculum

BAE Systems: Vulnerability Research Intern 2015 - 2016

  • Audited, triaged, and exploited large C++ projects for vulnerabilities

Northrop Grumman: Software Developer Intern 2012 - 2014


  • Development Stream: Working on the CRM that built this site

  • LunaBrain: AI-assisted writing tool for capturing and expanding on ideas

  • A Study in Blue: Security review of iOS, Android, and Linux Bluetooth stacks