I like to check in, every so often, on the state of offline-first solutions. Most of what exists is focused around sqlite. Here are some of the projects that pop up frequently when I search:

The appeal of an offline-first experience is pretty well summed up by cr-sqlite’s tag line: “It’s like Git, for your data.” We are constantly generating data, and in many different ways. We might be typing into an input box or we might be talking to a friend. Entering numbers into a spreadsheet or creating a top-secret blueprint for a weapon of mass destruction. At the end of the day it is data. Being able to seamlessly move this data around into different contexts depending on where we would like it to be is a pervasive desire that we have. I built the list above from my browsing history. My browsing history is local to my computer, but I wanted this blog post to be published to the web. Different contexts. Lol, it almost feels like we want to collaborate with our past selves and the data that we created. The better the tools that exist to quickly grab an artifact of the past and compose it together with our ideas in the moment, the more interesting content we can create.

I don’t think the state of offline-first tooling is quite there yet, it is still quite new. We are getting there though. I look forward to running some experiments :)