This post was written by a tool that I have been building for a while, and I think this is the first feature that is remotely helpful. I am writing this post in the browser and it is then going to get saved to the database. When I click the Publish button at the top of this page, then the post will be written to a file in LogSeq where I will push it to Github and link people to it from there. Now, this is so much more effort than writing a tweet, but the big difference here is that the content that I have written is saved to my computer first, so that I retain control of it. If I wanted to later access my tweet, I would have to use twitter. What if twitter is down? What if it goes away tomorrow? These are common questions people ask about online services, but little really exists as an answer. I don’t want to build another social media site. I really just want to help people connect their ideas in a safe space before they publish them somewhere else. Maybe it does grow into something more social. I am going to continue to focus on solving small problems I have in my life with this app.