I have been building a workflow engine that can route strongly-typed data through durable functions (guaranteed to execute). These functions do not need to exist in the process, they could be remote APIs, grpc servers, a p2p connection with your friend’s computer. It supports streaming of data with observables, thanks to rxgo, meaning you can create rules to map, filter, reduce data without redeployment.

This is the sketch I have in my head, and have been trying to implement it here. Something that I am trying to nail is the syntax for how to express these workflows. You can take a look at what I have so far in a simple test I wrote ([graph]( https://mermaid.live/edit#pako:eNp10D1rwzAQBuC\_ctycDHY3D51KoVDaUo9WBmEdiSj64HRKCUn-e2VZpkurQRLvI8HLXXEOhnDAI-t4gtdP5aEsnkbiM\_EAQkmgO6yx76bn7GexwcNb-de437j\_kx8aWx-zTC\_LDqMwadcgZFnkvR7wwWGmlKw\_Fm51YL9\_vEUOZ2so3UqPf\_J-61nB6ZhAwm9eG1T6tkzNuq18BXJWVlhb4Q4dsdPWlCFdl6cK5USOFA7lajR\_KVT-Xt7pLGG8-BkH4Uw7zNFooSery2zdGt5\_AMgGeW0) of what is going on).

I could use some people’s eyes and brain to help me work through how to make this feel better to code. Thanks!