Well I have gone down the rabbit hole today on changing the way that everything looks. There are still some blemishes, but there is much more space for writing content. Oh, and I also added an AI feature where if you highlight the text then it will ask you if you want to use that as a prompt and the output will be streamed into the editor. I am super stoked with the progress that I have made here. But then again, I still failed to add the feature that would have made this a more engaging post; image uploads. I have an idea of how I want to achieve this, but in my haphazard design process, it doesn’t come to mind until I need it (ex. now). How does this happen?

Well, I am usually super stoned when I am coding and things that catch my attention are the things directly in front of me. Since I was not typing out a post until now, the image upload wasn’t remotely relevant to me. But now that I am writing the post, the lack of the feature is quite painful. Letting myself feel the pain of the absent feature is very important for design. It gives you the perspective of your user. They don’t have the code, they most likely don’t want to. What would they do if they couldn’t upload images? Much less than I could. While I am still overall really happy with what I did today, I am not shying away from the disappointment of not being able to have an image in this update. Yes I could use imgur or something else, but I want to use this feeling to make me want to code the thing.