I am visiting SF right now, and almost every billboard in the city has “AI” on it. I need to build image upload so that I can show you what I am talking about. I get it, there is a lot of hype for companies to cash in on, so why wouldn’t you?

AI (ML or machine learning for the pedantic) is super cool and can do a lot of things now. It will only continue to improve over time, but probably a little too fast for comfort. There is a ton of personal data that is going to be pushed through the ML training meat grinder. Insane capabilities of models are right around the corner, but who is going to benefit from them? The jury is still out on data privacy and how to relate ML. Those in power barely understand social media let alone our recent advancements towards HAL.

I have a unique position of being able to help secure how data is handled as it relates to training ML models and I find it paramount to make sure it is done right. Shortcuts for building ML should not be tolerated, however I fear this is the beginning of many greedy attempts to do just that.

People deserve to own their data, first and foremost. We need more policy like GDPR to make sure that is the case. In the meantime, I want to build tools to empower people to collecting and use the data that they have. There is much to be explored here. #hacktheplanet