you have invented time travel. you hop in the phone book and go 5 years into the past to find yourself and tell them this: “First of all, yes time traveling is real, second, you should start reading these 5 things:


  • the following command “put it all on bitcoin and hold for at least 5 years”

  • books on mental health and relationship communications

  • like non-violent communication

  • all the engineering shit is fine and good but there are no rerolls on relationships


  • how sports books work

  • how bank ledgers work

  • mechanical engineering curriculum

  • how blockchains work

  • kubernetes book


  • I’m not sure I’ve read a whole lot of new stuff the last five years. Almost everything I read now is fantasy escapism. And a lot of that is rereading series I have already read.

  • The most influential books I read were between the age 15 and 25 probably.

  • Some big influences that aren’t sci-fi or fantasy were the

    • Count of Monty Cristo

    • Civil Disobedience and Walden

    • Down and Out in Paris and London,

    • 1984

    • Animal Farm

    • the Anarchist Manifesto

    • On the Road

    • The Secret of Santa Victoria

    • The Book of Five Rings