I am coming for you transcription editor

A common theme in high thinkies is that I want to record my thoughts in a way that doesn’t get in my way of my thoughts. For example, writing down notes has been historically difficult and when the thinkies are coming in at blistering speed, it is difficult to keep up. So I started to just talk and record what I said. Audio files are super small. I also started streaming to also document what I was working on....

February 3, 2024 · breadchris

What language am I looking for?

If you ask anyone who knows me what my thoughts are on javascript, you will get a unanimous “he hates it”. Typescript helps, but it doesn’t fix the problems. I don’t believe the problems I have with it are actually solvable without some radical changes in the ecosystem. Why do I care so much? Because I freaking want to build websites that stick around for a while goddamnit! Sites built with the “right decisions” today feel like they fall over from a strong breeze....

February 1, 2024 · breadchris

SF Feels like another Planet

I am visiting SF right now, and almost every billboard in the city has “AI” on it. I need to build image upload so that I can show you what I am talking about. I get it, there is a lot of hype for companies to cash in on, so why wouldn’t you? AI (ML or machine learning for the pedantic) is super cool and can do a lot of things now....

January 31, 2024 · breadchris

Offline-First Editing

I like to check in, every so often, on the state of offline-first solutions. Most of what exists is focused around sqlite. Here are some of the projects that pop up frequently when I search: cr-sqlite mycelite sqlite-sync litesync (not open source) sqlsync The appeal of an offline-first experience is pretty well summed up by cr-sqlite’s tag line: “It’s like Git, for your data.” We are constantly generating data, and in many different ways....

January 30, 2024 · breadchris

im showing free

Don’t think, write.

January 29, 2024 · breadchris